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If we weren't able to talk to each other, we'd struggle to get by in life.

Whether it be through written or spoken mediums, communication lets us make our thoughts and feelings known, whatever the context.

We’re really trying to make it so you can create experiences.

It’s not another cumbersome app on your phone.”As someone who gets sent new apps to try out all the time, the sticking power of both Cloe and Digit stood out to me for a few reasons, and though they serve different audiences, both made me think about the inherent advantages of building a product that is text-message-first. You don’t have to be constantly rolling out iterative and annoying app updates.

Chatbots are often designed to replicate the way a human would talk and communicate to make the experience as convincing as possible.

Following the rules and conventions of human conversation, these bots aim to serve a variety of purposes.

I invested in a company that happened into chat bots and, man, the founder of the company, Shane Mac, kept showing me the software that they were building, how chat bots are starting to take over chat conversations and I got fired up. What I’m going to be sharing with you today is from my own experience. I’m just some dude who happens to be interested in marketing.

Up until now, if someone came to your website and you wanted to bring them back, you might ask them for their email address and you’d have a good shot of bringing them back, but increasingly that’s become harder to do. And if you’re interested in having a bot created or if you’re interested in learning more about this program, by the time this interview is published, I’ll have a new website up. If you’re able to do that effectively–this is Cindy Joseph who’s my business partner in BOOM by Cindy Joseph–then you’re able to have a business.

“The more you’re communicating with her, the more she’s going to know. I know you don’t really prefer the fancy grilled cheese sandwich on pumpernickel.So our business in this case is geared around the experience of being a woman over 40.And in our society, women are told that their value declines over time, where men are told their value appreciates over time. The point is that we’re having a conversation about an experience that a group of people are having.We strike up conversation to achieve all sorts of things, from sharing the latest gossip to getting hold of vital information.It's a very human concept and has been used for millennia.

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