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Finally, and I think this one is so important that I'm calling it out: Prioritize your own wants and needs before all else. This presents the perspective of a heterosexual (mostly) female. We're all just a little bit lost sometimes, trying to figure out the rules of a game we may or may not even want to be playing in the first place.And who knows, by being involved in a common cause, it just may lead to seduction and romance.Just call the station manager and find out when and how you can help.But before jumping right in, a disclaimer: being single is 100 percent nothing to be ashamed of.

Volunteer your time to man the telephones, make follow-up calls, send out mailings, etc.You never know, that patient you meet while delivering flowers or magazines might develop into a love affair.There can be golden opportunities to meet and attract single women by volunteering your time in hospitals and nursing homes.Hospitals and nursing homes are always very busy and welcome volunteers to help out with simple tasks.Working as a volunteer in hospitals and nursing homes you will be exposed to lots of pretty and sexy single nurses to meet and seduce and there's plenty of pretty single patients too.

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