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Then she beckoned for us to come through a side door. We slid in and madam bounced down the wooden stairs.I may have been the tallest but I was the youngest so my other friends went to sit close to her.All five of us stopped in our tracks, wondering what just happened. This time we looked up and she flashed a toothy grin.But that wasn’t the only thing she flashed: in the blink of an eye, she raised the blouse she was wearing and flashed us a pair of fleshy, orange-coloured breasts.Not that you become your character, but acting makes you question who you are. Pepi: Home is wherever I can find love at that moment.

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The survey revealed that only 18.5% of young women that had sex in the 12 months preceding the survey used condom.

Out of 3306 never-married sexually active men and women, 1728 representing 52% live in urban areas and 43% of them did not use condom during sexual intercourse in the 12 months preceding the survey.

The study concludes by recommending that to achieve reduction of HIV/AIDS prevalence among Nigerian youths, effort must be directed towards educating youths on the importance of condom use sexual intercourse.

The next twelve months are set to be her biggest yet, from a role as Lacey Emery in the second season of Lindsey: How has taking on and essentially becoming all these other people, real or fictional, had an impact on you as an individual? Acting has made me form opinions because I have to ask myself who I am. She didn’t start off like that, she started off kind of insecure and finding her way.

I think I grew up with her, as the writers were writing her stronger and stronger, by the end of the season I felt stronger.

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