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This unthinkable choice happens everyday for many rural Haitian families, just like Duymay's.

Imagine re-using a disposable diaper or going without - simply because you can't afford the basic need of diapers.

At home, most children are left without diapers and exposed to unsanitary conditions as well as worms and parasites that live in the dirt.The ending of French rule and the abolition of slavery in the former colony by the former slaves was followed by their successful defense of the freedoms they won, and, with the collaboration of mulattoes, their independence from rule by white Europeans.It challenged long-held beliefs about black inferiority and about enslaved persons' capacity to achieve and maintain their own freedom.Some even separate it from the mulattoes' earlier armed conflicts, which at first sought political rights for themselves, but not the abolition of slavery.These scholars show that if the agency of the enslaved blacks becomes the focus of studies, the Revolution's opening and closing dates are certain.

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