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This plugin allows you to manipulate the SVG from Java Script.

For more details see the reference documentation, or the graphing reference or plotting reference pages.

Also shown here are further details about a date: the day of the week, the day and week of the year, and whether it is in a common or leap year. $.calendars.instance(name, language) // Retrieve calendar $.Date(year, month, day, calendar, language) // Create a date // The calendar name Epoch // Julian date of start of epoch Year Zero // True if has a year zero, false if not Month // The minimum month number calendar.first Month // The first month in the year Day // The minimum day number calendar.regional Options // Localisations Date(year, month, day) // Create a date calendar.today() Year(year) // Is a leap year?

Some calendars provide extra information about a date, such as is shown for the Hebrew and Mayan calendars. calendar.epoch(year) // BCE/CE calendar.format Year(year) // Formatted year calendar.months In Year(year) calendar.month Of Year(year, month) // To ordinal month Month Of Year(year, ord) // From ordinal month Of Year(year, month, day) In Year(year) Of Year(year, month, day) In Month(year, month) In Week() Of Week(year, month, day) // 0 = Sunday, ... calendar.extra Info(year, month, day) calendar.add(date, offset, period) // Update a period calendar.set(date, value, period) // Set a period Valid(year, month, day) JD(year, month, day) // To Julian Date JD(jd) // From Julian Date JSDate(year, month, day) // To Java Script Date JSDate(jsd) // From Java Script Date Date() // Clone date Date(year, month, day) // Create a date date.year(year) // Set year date.year() // Get year date.month(month) // Set month date.month() // Get month date.day(day) // Set day date.day() // Get day date.date(year, month, day) // Set date Year() // Is a leap year?

on the tags themselves, rather than feeding them to the sparkline function.Note that all of the changes in j Query 1.9 will also apply to j Query 2.0, and the j Query Migrate plugin will be usable there as well.The uncompressed development version of the j Query Migrate plugin includes console log output to warn when specific deprecated and/or removed features are being used.j Query 1.9 removes or modifies several APIs that behaved inconsistently or inefficiently in the past.The majority of these changes have been foreshadowed by their deprecation in previous versions of j Query, particularly 1.7 and 1.8.

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