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Secondhand Serenade gives hopeless romantics everywhere two new reasons to pine over lost and broken love with the haunting and vulnerable tracks “Don’t Look Down” and “Lost” from Awake: (Remixed & Remastered, 10 Years & 10,000 Tears Later).

This is the tenth anniversary reissue of his critically-acclaimed album that catapulted indie singer-songwriter John Vesely out of My Space cyber-stardom and onto the millennial music scene surrounded by a large and loyal legion of fans.

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10 release and they are everything diehard Secondhand Serenade followers could hope for – and more.Vesely’s fans are drawn to the way he lyrically pulls up the shades and shines a light on the most intimate moments a couple can share; whether two people are standing face-to-face, hands shaking, at the moment when a relationship is on the verge of breaking down; or, whether they are newly lovestruck with all the hope, passion and possibility a soul-stirring kind of connection can bring.The album’s title track serves up a great example of the latter – and made the 2015 AXS list of Best indie rock love songs for Valentine’s Day.On my own undeveloped page, I actually did see some blue chip ads from Burger King, H&R Block, Citibank, Verizon, and others — but I can guarantee you that NO ONE is spending time on my page. Speaking of which, I must say that I saw less of the usual porn and quasi-porn — it appears that My Space is getting the message: But if some of the criticism is overblown, Chernin has no choice but to take it seriously.Only if My Space is seen as an advertiser-friendly site will News Corp. [THAT SOUNDS AWFULLY FAMILIAR] The very tricky challenge for the media giant is to somehow manage My Space, without taming its cool factor.

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