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Hence, the SOC criteria for HRT and GRS, including completion of an RLE when applicable, must usually be met for one who seeks such treatments to receive them.

As of the seventh version of the SOC, a three-month minimum requirement of RLE is no longer part of WPATH's recommended criteria for HRT.

Furthermore, does she pose a higher risk to the women she faces in the cage?The real-life experience (RLE), sometimes called the real-life test (RLT), is a period of time in which transgender individuals live full-time in their preferred gender role.The purpose of the RLE is to confirm that a given transgender person can function successfully as a member of said gender in society, as well as to confirm that they are sure they want to live as said gender for the rest of their life.Of 98% of all Danish transsexuals who officially underwent SRS from 1978 through 2010, one in three had somatic morbidity and approximately 1 in 10 had died.No significant differences in somatic morbidity or mortality were found between male-to-female and female-to-male individuals.

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