Two leos dating sugar land dating

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For some reason, I've always had an interest in astrology.

Every morning, as I'm flipping through the newspaper (and looking for the sports section), I'll make a stop on the horoscope page — just to see what's in store for my zodiac sign, the Taurus.

If you're an Aries, you're probably no stranger to thinking outside the box.Our birth story isn’t exactly how we would have imagined it.For me, I feel like I envisioned a quiet night at home with just Justin and I …Well, this is not entirely true, as Justin and I were supposed to drive to Vancouver on the 10th and 11th for 2 FINAL Love it or List it reveals … August 3rd, Twas the night before Christmas, (or Leo’s Birthday) Justin and I were just winding down for an early night, as we were set to film a BIG exciting day (more news about that to follow) and wanted to get a good nights rest.everyone knew this was risky and the ‘baby’ was the real boss … We were shuffling things around in the nursery for filming the next day and I told Justin that I thought my water had broke.

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