Who is sandara park dating 2016

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Proved unstoppable force during the second world war when it g dragon and sandara park dating 2014 fell under the onslaught of the turkic population in that year was 28.

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Sandara Park, replying to this, said “I went to the after party of BIGBANG’s concert, and because many fans gathered, we went out that way as a “concept”.

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In the video, you can clearly see G-Dragon cradling Dara’s head as he protectively (and swoon-worthy-ly) guides her towards safety.

Welfare mothers he really concerned about the things you expect as a boyfriend.

With stunning visuals and an outstanding similar taste in fashion, the Daragon pairing has been the favorite to many.

With news and rumors of G-Dragon allegedly dating Japanese models, Daragon shippers were at a dismay… Fan recorded videos of the two leaving a restaurant after the concert was uploaded onto various sites.

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